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Adoption applications are now open for Olaf.

As a young bouncy boy, Olaf’s ideal retirement home is where he can continue to learn and grow with his patient owner. He loves his treats so further training will be an absolute breeze. Olaf has a very short attention span but is keen to please. As Olaf is still learning his manners, he would suit a family without small children and would like to be the only pet.

If you are interested in adopting Olaf submit an adoption application form and our adoption officer will contact you to discuss your family’s requirements and match you to your GAP greyhound.

Olaf may be matched to his retirement home, however, greyhounds can be at different stages in their development as they transition to pet life.  The greyhound that is perfect for your family might take some time, complete an application form we will work hard to find the right GAP greyhound for you. More information is available on the adoption process.

Our greyhounds are not tested with cats, livestock, or poultry. If you have a home with these, please contact us and we will match you with the right greyhound for your circumstances.