GAP dogs petition Parliament for pats

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The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) will be at Parliament House in Brisbane today to give parliamentarians the chance to pat a greyhound.

The successful Greyhound Adoption Program that has adopted out 274 greyhound in the last financial year, works hard to promote the greyhound breed as pets.

The QRIC GAP works with the Queensland Greyhound racing industry to rehome their retired racers to loving families with programs in South East Queensland and Townsville.

The event is part of the Dogs in the City program which brings greyhounds to meet workers in Brisbane city and the GAP team is expecting the see the softer side of our members of parliament at the House today when they meet the dogs.

Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said Greyhounds make excellent pets for many families even those who don’t have a big backyard.

“A short walk every day is all the exercise most greyhounds usually need and they love the lounge most of the time.

“Some dogs are a more energetic so the program matches those dogs with a family with more space, so we are petitioning members of parliament to get the word out that greyhounds make great pets to their constituents.   

“The GAP is unique as each dog graduates from the program with a green collar which means they can be walked on leash in the community without a muzzle according to Local Government regulations.

“Each greyhound is matched with the perfect family that suits them.

“We invite all parliamentarians to visit the greyhounds at the parliamentary green and to spread the word.

“We will have our promotional greyhounds Timmy and Tommy available for pats and even a walk around the green.”

Timmy is four years old and Tommy is five.

Although Timmy enjoys the comfort of his bed he does go for three walks a day with his owner – he’s a great health and wellbeing coach. Timmy lives with a little dog and likes to sneak up on the couch to sleep once his owners head to bed each night but makes sure he’s back in his own bed by the time they get up in the morning.

Tommy lives with three cats and is the best friend to an 11 year old girl. He does enjoy a walk and a quick zoom but prefers the laid back life of retirement these days. We think Tommy counts how many pats all the greyhounds get at promotional events and will push his way in to make sure he doesn’t miss out!