About GAP

The Greyhound Adoption Program, or the GAP, is run by the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission and is dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds that have retired from racing.

It is our mission to:

  • Find suitable, loving, homes for retired racing greyhounds. Encourage a more positive image of the greyhound and to stimulate the public’s desire to own a greyhound as a family pet.
  • Assess greyhounds and prepare them for life as family pets.
  • Provide ongoing advice and support to the greyhound and its new owners.

We at the GAP know that greyhounds can make fantastic pets. As with any breed of dog, they are individuals. Some are high energy and rough and tumble, others are lazy and laid back. However, in general they are best described as quiet and gentle dogs that thrive in a family home environment.

The great thing about greyhounds is that there is a dog to suit almost every situation. If you prefer a more outgoing dog, perhaps one that enjoys obedience training or playing fetch with the kids for example, then we can help find the right dog for you! If you want a calm and sensitive companion, we have those too!

The staff at the GAP pride themselves on their ability to successfully and consistently place the right greyhound into the right home environment. We do this by taking the time to get to know each greyhound individually and through comprehensive and ongoing behavioural assessments.

As of July 1, 2009 greyhounds adopted through the GAP are able to enjoy being in public without muzzles. Based on our assessments of the greyhounds and the homes that we place dogs into, the GAP has state approval to issue unique Green Collars that clearly identify a greyhound as having graduated from our program and thus, be exempt from state muzzling laws.

Note that each collar is numbered and must be worn at all times in public for the dog to be exempt. This exemption became official through the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008. Please note that some local governments may have their own local laws requiring all greyhounds, including the GAP dogs, to be muzzled. Please check with your local Council so that you understand and comply with their local laws.

Every dog that enters the program is health and behaviourally assessed, desexed, wormed, microchipped, and vaccinated. They also have a dental examination and treatment. The dogs then spend time with us at the GAP or with a foster carer to help them adjust to life in a pet home.

We aim to expose the greyhound to a variety of situations of the type likely to be encountered once it becomes a pet. Foster carers also implement basic obedience training, such as basic house manners and get the greyhound used to the type of routine that is normal for a family home.