Owners & Trainers

Ways to prepare your greyhound prior to the GAP pre-assessment

Owners and trainers can prepare their dogs for retirement and success by ensuring that their greyhounds are well handled and socialised such as:

  • As much time out of work and away from racing as possible prior to GAP pre-assessment;
  • Where possible including time in a home environment and out of kennels;
  • Introduce them to other animals under controlled and safe circumstances, particularly small dogs, cats, poultry and livestock;
  • Encourage your greyhounds to be friendly and sociable;
  • Practice walking calmly and on a loose leash;
  • Teach basic manners; and
  • Expose to new experiences, flooring, surfaces, stairs, objects and noises.

For information on socialising your greyhound, see the Racing to Retirement guide.

You can find more information about greyhound welfare on the QRIC website. 

Pre-assessment intake day outcomes

If your greyhound is successful at their pre-assessment, the greyhound will be accepted on the day into the GAP.

If your greyhound is not successful at this time, the GAP team will provide immediate feedback and suggestions for you to work with your greyhound. We recommend continuing to work with your greyhound and re-booking the greyhound into a future pre-assessment intake day.

How do I enter my greyhound into the GAP?

  1. Complete the online GAP Adoption Program Submission Form;
  2. Submit current C5 vaccination certificate;
  3. Submit completed GAP Health Pre-Screening Form;
  4. Contact GAP on 1300 087 021 or email gap@qric.qld.gov.au to book a place on the next available pre-assessment intake day;
  5. On pre-assessment intake day, please present your greyhound:

We will not asses a female dog that is in season; please contact us to reschedule if required.

If you have any questions, please contact the GAP team on 1300 087 021.