Adoption process

If you have made the decision to adopt a GAP greyhound, congratulations, they can make wonderful family pets.

The GAP Queensland is proud of our ability to match a GAP greyhound with your family.

To assist us in the matching process, we ask questions about your family, including your other pets and regular visitors to your home. We would like to understand your leisure pursuits and the activities you think you will undertake with your adopted GAP greyhound. This is all to help build a picture for us about the family life the greyhound will have in retirement.

Your yard and the type of fencing you have play an important role in the safety of your adopted greyhound. Upon application we request photos of your yard and fencing.  The minimum fence height to keep a greyhound safe is 1.5 metres. For more information on the best fencing materials see our fencing factsheet.  

If your home is an apartment, please submit photos of your balcony (if applicable) and how the greyhound will access the balcony in your home.

It is our experience that free roaming small animals and greyhounds generally do not mix. Greyhounds are sight hounds and have been bred for thousands of years to chase and their chase instinct can be strong. If you have free range small animals it may be necessary to reconsider adopting a greyhound. 

Greyhounds are not suitable to take to off leash areas such as public dog parks.  Greyhounds run very fast and have poor recall, and can easily run into a fence and injure themselves, or run on to a busy road. For the safety of your greyhound, keep it on a leash.

GAP frequently asked questions

The adoption process may take time

  • Greyhounds can be at different stages in their development as they transition to pet life. The greyhound that is perfect for your family might take some time, but we will work hard to find the right GAP greyhound for you.
  • If you have colour preferences or a preferred sex of the dog, this may lengthen the adoption process.

Adoption application:

  1. Complete the adoption application and be clear with all the information you provide – this will help with the matching process.
  2. Attach photos of your yard including fencing, gates and outside undercover area.
  3. Submit the application to the GAP team.

Application review:

  1. The GAP team will review your application and telephone you.
  2. We will ask further questions if required.
  3. This is also a great opportunity to ask us questions.

Matching a greyhound:

  1. The GAP team will review our available greyhounds and the information that you have supplied.
  2. When we find a match, you will be contacted and invited to the GAP facility to meet your potential new pet greyhound.
  3. If you already have a dog, they are invited too, to see if the dogs are well compatible.  
  4. Complete the adoption paperwork, pay the adoption fee of $100 and have an adoption photo taken to welcoming you to the GAP family.

After adoption support:

  • You will receive an email from us after three days, three weeks and three months to ensure you and your GAP greyhound are settling in well.
  • The GAP is available during business hours to help if you have any concerns.
  • Sign up to our GAP newsletter for event updates.
  • We encourage you to send us updates and photos of your adventures together, create an Instagram account and tag #gap_qld.