Role Requirements

Objective of a foster carer:

GAP foster carers provide temporary in-home care for GAP greyhounds that would benefit from some time in a home environment prior to adoption. A period of foster care can provide an opportunity to adjust from life as a racing athlete to a family pet, provide further socialisation or a period of supervised behavioural rehabilitation.

GAP greyhounds in foster care have passed their Green Collar assessment prior to being fostered. Foster carers provide essential care for the GAP greyhound, as well as enrichment activities such as walking and interaction with novel objects and experiences not encountered in racing life.

Key Requirements:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for housing the GAP greyhound;
  • Provision of all immediate needs of the greyhound under your care including:
    • feeding,
    • walking;
    • socialising;
    • grooming;
  • Collect and return GAP greyhounds as directed. Pick ups and drop offs are always by prior arrangement;
  • Access to an air-conditioned vehicle for secure transport of GAP greyhounds;
  • Attend any scheduled training sessions either with or without your GAP greyhound, as part of your training plan;
  • Promptly report any sick, injured, or deceased GAP greyhounds via the emergency contact provided;
  • Maintain cleanliness of animal housing areas and feeding equipment;  
  • Administer medication as directed within your Foster Care Plan, and follow any instructions provided by vets and the GAP staff;
  • Provide feedback in the Foster Care Plan on the GAP greyhound’s temperament, responses to other animals, children etc., to assist in identifying the most appropriate adoptive home;
  • Spend time providing environmental and social enrichment for the GAP greyhound per the Foster Care Manual and the Foster Care Plan provided for each dog; and
  • Ensure you adhere to the Foster Care Agreement, and any other relevant Queensland Racing Integrity Commission policies.         

Foster carer skills and attributes

  • Passion and commitment to animal welfare and greyhounds as pets;
  • Previous experience of ownership, volunteering, or employment with dogs, especially greyhounds, highly regarded;
  • Physical ability to control an animal up to 40kg in body weight;
  • Ability to understand and follow all instructions provided in the GAP foster care materials;
  • Ability to allocate time each day to providing basic care for the GAP greyhound, as well as some enrichment activities (such as short walks). This does not preclude fulltime workers;
  • Ability to communicate via email and submit feedback for each GAP greyhound.

Training and Resources provided

  • Foster Carer Training Manual;
  • Skills sessions may be held periodically throughout the year;
  • Foster carers providing behavioural rehabilitation may be provided one-on-one training sessions;
  • Supplies of dry dog kibble and any medication required for the duration of the foster period;
  • Dog equipment including lead, muzzle, blanket, dog bed, clam shell, toys and a dog coat;
  • 24-hour access to out-of-hours phone number in case of emergencies.

Reward and Recognition

Foster carers provide invaluable support to the GAP. To show our appreciation to foster carers for their ongoing commitment, we have a special appreciation and acknowledgement program, which includes:

  • Special recognition for fostering milestones of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75 and 100 GAP greyhounds; and
  • Exclusive invites to GAP events throughout the year.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your time with our GAP greyhound!