Green Collar accreditation for non GAP greyhounds

All Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) greyhounds which pass the GAP assessment process have successfully undergone green-collar accreditation, which provides an exemption from muzzling of the greyhound in local council areas where muzzling would otherwise be required under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

In addition, the GAP will also provide green collar assessments for any greyhound not originally adopted through the GAP program.

As part of the green collar assessment, greyhounds are evaluated with a range of ‘assessment dogs’ to determine their behavioural responses, including prey drive.

The green collar accreditation does not guarantee that GAP greyhounds are going to be compatible with every other dog that they will meet.

Like any other breed of dog, greyhounds are all individuals and circumstances may change over time.

GAP staff will always carefully assess each dog to determine its level of compatibility with families who may have other pets. 

The fee for the GAP green collar accreditation for non-GAP greyhounds is $80.

To register your greyhound for assessment or for further information please call during office hours on 1300 087 021 or email